Mo Values

Inclusion is non-negotiable.

Creating an equal opportunity for artists no matter what their gender, geography, socio-economic standing, ethnicity or sexuality  is something we have to consciously create. Anonymity does not remove the barriers that exist in real life for many artists. We make sure that we support a diversity of artists and breakdown these barriers to entry wherever we can. 

Art above all else.

There are a lot of communities being built with many different utilities and focusses. We’re here to appreciate NFT art and elevate artists. We do this through our community and by providing ETH.  Artists  and their artistic contributions should be valued and as NFT’s evolve,  and we want to make sure that artists are not left behind. 

Community matters.

We aim to form a community that acts like a movement to advocate for art and artists. We want our community to be committed to collaborating with each other in a supportive and constructive way that seeks to elevate NFT art and artists.



It’s time to go back to the original vision of the crypto art movement and collaborate across platforms, open the dialog to the entire ecosystem, and find ways in which more artists thrive.

Crypto art is always at risk of becoming precisely what it claimed to disrupt: a crypto version of the conventional art market – a centralised market that benefits a few celebrity male artists and collectors.

We believe that blockchain offers an unprecedented opportunity to make art more accessible to many and to help artists make a living through their art. 

We can do this through the Crypto Mo Art appreciation Society – a collective movement that supports global NFT artists by funding them to create work for our holders.   

Artists and cultural workers need to be valued by our ecosystem and we need to find new and creative revenue models to support their creative work.

Royalties do something to address this, but not enough. As the NFT world becomes more fragmented with new use cases, the artists are threatened to be left behind. 

If we can come together as the Crypto Mo Art Appreciation Society the magnitude of possibilities is exciting. We can form an alchemical movement aiming to not only redefine money but one which radically redistributes wealth through financially supporting artists. 

Crypto Mo’s are here for the art. We’re a movement that celebrates art for art’s sake.

We’re the art patrons of the blockchain.