There are 14 artists in the inaugural cohort of artists-in-residence that will all be funded with 6ETH to create 10 pieces of artwork that will be made into editions for our Mo holders. Nine of the artists were curated by the Mo team, and five spots were granted to artists who applied. The legend batsoupyum helped us sort through the applications.

There is no difference between artists that were chosen and those that applied. They represent a diverse group of global artists all who have proven a dedication to the NFT art space and already have some established success. It is our belief these artists represent an investment for anyone minting a Mo. 

Once these artists complete the residency they pave the way for the next cohort.

We believe 1/1 art (art by independent dedicated artists that incorporates editioned work) is an investment that will yield returns.  Besides that, more importantly  perhaps, you will have art that you have witnessed being created as the artists share their work with the community as they create it. This is pretty special. You will get to know these artists in a personal way and you will help pave the way for their future successes.

Most of our artists’ work is already selling for significant prices of between 1 and 4ETH. By minting a Mo you are accessing their work, and other ongoing art for a tiny investment.

Our artists start creating when mint out 4,000, then we pause to reward our early supporters with more limited editions for this cohort. 




Understand how we distribute art though our MOCHANICS



Here is a sample of our artists’ work to give you an idea of what you might receive.