We’re inviting 14 NFT artists from around the world  to come together to create a body of work for our community.

10 of these artists will be curated by the Crypto Mo team to make sure that we have a truly global and diverse group of artists, but four positions will be open for artists who apply. The  well-known and respected NFT collector and art patron batsoupyum will help us choose the final four artists. 

This is to ensure that we discover artists that are beyond our own search attempts. There is no difference between the residencies that are applied for and those that are invited. 

All artists will be starting the residency at the same time. We only commission artists when we get to 50% of Crypto Mo’s minted.  We will mint late January at a date still be decided. 


An artist-in-residence perks: 

  • 6 ETH to each artist to create 10 unique pieces that  will be distributed to Mo holder groups (see payout details below).
  • 2% royalties of secondary sales back to the Crypto Mo art fund. Artists choose their royalties  between 1 and 8% which goes back to them.
  • Artists-in-residence get to nominate people to be the next artist with consultation with Matt and Bronwyn.
  • The opportunity to build relationships with lifelong collectors.
  • The opportunity to learn and grow with your peers who are part of the program.
  • Publicity through Mo Twitter account, instagram account and Mo community Discord.
  • You will be promoted as one of the artists on our website. 
  • You will be featured regularly on our Twitter and your work will be promoted by our team.
  • You will get a dedicated channel on our Discord to engage and build a collector community.

Payment to artists-in-residence

1st payment of 1.5 ETH is made when we have sold 50% of the Mos.

Second payment of 1.5 ETH is made when artists prove that work is progressing.

3 ETH is paid when art is handed over to the Crypto Mo Art Appreciation Society to be minted. Note: we will mint the artwork.


Currently OpenSea doesn’t allow split royalties. The collections will be put up as collaborations with each artist on the Crypto Mo OpenSea account.  Each artist will have a seperate collection. Crypto Mo will collect royalties on behalf of artists into a unique wallet for every artist that is publicly visible – to ensure accountability and payment. We’ll pay out an agreed % to all artists when we receive royalties (up to 8%), keeping 2% for the ongoing art fund to fund more artists. 

As soon as we mint 50% then we start payment of the artists contracts.

The Art

The 10 pieces you produce should form a mini collection or be tied by a theme of your choosing. The work is NOT derivative of the Mos and is a chance for you to express yourself creatively. 


  • Stay active on your dedicated artist’s channel on Discord – share your WIP and engage with our community. 
  • Promote your involvement on Twitter, including your artwork as part of the collection. 
  • Promote the CMAAS and what we are doing to invest in artists.
  • Prove that you are producing work and working closely with Matt and Bronwyn should there be any issues.
  • Fulfil your art commitments of 10 pieces of original work.
  • Artists will have 10 weeks from the first payment to produce the work.

Creating an ongoing fund

The ongoing fund where royalties go is about artists supporting artists so that we can fund more artists to create work continually.



What do you get as an artist-in-residence?

  • Payment of 6 ETH to produce a themed collection. 
  • Your art is distributed to 100s of collectors – think of the royalties from secondary sales!
  • You get to know everyone while creating your work and build real relationships with a community to build lifelong collectors. Use this opportunity to grow your own brand. 
  • The chance to work alongside other global artists and learn and enrich each other.
  • The chance to pay-it-forward and nominate an artist in consultation with the Mo Team
  • We also have a graphic on our website that will help you understand the Mochanics. 


1. Fill this in this application form 👇🏼

2. Join our Discord

3. Follow us on Twitter

4. Join us on Twitter Spaces to tell us about your work (not a requirement, but we’d like to get to know you and offer you a chance to showcase your work). Spaces times will be announced in our Discord and Twitter.


Q: So when you say “it will need to be ten pieces,” do you mean you’d like 10 pieces in the next 10 weeks after I agree to being an artist-in-residence?

A: No, we have some time yet. As we get close to 50% I’ll contact you and we’ll set a date to start. 

Q: And when the mint gets to 50% I get paid 6 ETH? Wow. What happens if the mint doesn’t get to 50%? Please clarify. 

A: When the mint of the Mos gets to 50% you get the payment in the three different stages as outlined in the doc – totalling 6ETH – yes. We can’t pay artists the 6ETH in one upfront payment to protect the interest of our holders. ie. we have to have the artwork for final payment. 

If mint doesn’t get to 50% and I’m assuming that we will, but there is always risk we don’t. That is why I want artists to hold-off creating until I can be sure they are getting paid for their work. If it looks like we start to get traction and don’t quite get to 50%  as quickly as we’d like we can always start engaging artists on a rolling basis. Artists will be commissioned in the order they agreed to be an artist-in-residence.

Q: Have you changed the scope of the project?

A:  No, not at all. This is what we always promised. The only difference is the change in timing. What we are doing now to show value is revealing the artists we’ll be working with BEFORE we mint out. This way we are making it more obvious about what we are here to do – support artists and grow art investment. We’re able to show that, and people can understand what they get back. I think once people understand what we are doing they will get on board.