The Mos were designed with the intention of being used as a PFP (profile picture) and that meant some special considerations were made in how they looked. We wanted the Mos to all be unique while still being easily identifiable as a Mo.

A PFP needs to stand out in a crowd but can’t be too busy. The Mos are designed with bright colors and use gradients and a non-heavy line style to achieve this.

There are 530+ traits in the trait table so every Mo is truly unique. 

Here’s an early Mo design, before we added clothes and moved him higher up in the frame, but you can see some of the elements that started to make a Mo come though. Bright colors and  background design were part of the early aesthetic that emerged. 

NOTE: We worked very hard to avoid any cultural appropriation in our traits. 


 People buy into a PFP for many reasons – to support a cause, because they are aligned with a mission, and sometimes just to make a quick flip.

It was important to the CAAS team that a owning a Mo meant something and that we were contributing to the NFT ecosystem in a way that will have a long-term impact. We see ourselves as a legacy project and are the first PFP designed specifically to build a community around 1/1 NFT artists and encourage more people to be art collectors.

We want the Mos to be associated with supporting a diverse body of emerging NFT artists  in the same way that projects like World of Women have come to be a significant project that we all associate with empowering women and women artists in the space.

The Mos are one of the only all male collections out there and were designed that way deliberately and there is a female collection  the Monas that will be launched later (an EQUAL collection not a “companion” one). We know that a lot of mixed gender collections land up with female attributes on the floor and that was not something we wanted to see happen – it’s why we’ve seen the rise of women only collections.

But, there is an important point we are making by building a male collection that stands for inclusion, is supporting diversity and building equality for artists from all over the world. The message is that diversity and inclusion are not only things that women, POC and the LGBTQIA+ community need to stand up for. That’s a tough emotional burden for them to take on, all while being the ones who are being directly impacted by it.

This is something that men need to embody too. Men need to stand up for these things and if the ONLY way they can signify that is by using a female avatar then we’re emphasising the message that WOMEN ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN FIGHT FOR INCLUSION + EQUITY –  and that men don’t have a role to play here.

The Mos are for men taking up their role in this fight too.

“The Mos are like World of Women on acid.”

– Rocketgirl



  • 14 background ones

  • 12 background twos

  • 12 skin tones, 2 different noses for each tome, 3 different lips for each tone

  • 18 neck tattoos

  • 14 different clothes 

  • 14 different chest tattoos 

  • 10 different eye colors 

  • 14 different face tattoos 

  • 17 different hairstyles in 7 different colours 

  • 14 different earrings in 80 diffrent combinations 

  • 19 different sunglasses in about 10 colours each

  • 34 Mos in 6 different colors

  • 15 EXTRA traits (clowns, pink mullets, Bowie etc)

  • 51 1/1 Mos, 10 1/1 Monas



Every non 1/1 Mo is algorithmically generated. No humans interfered in their creation afterwards.









We originally opened minting in October 2021 and attracted a small but passionate community who truly saw the vision of what we were trying to do. What we found though was that it was hard to prove our value to holders without artists being involved. So with the support of our community we paused minting and went to find artists that we knew could deliver value for our holders.

We also used that time to move the collection to a smarter smart contract. We are here for the long haul and there were some issues with our original contract that we wanted to improve on, including that the original contract had not stated that all Mo owners were free to use them as they wish and had full commercial rights to the Mos they owned.  At our own cost we moved the old collection over to the new smart contract, airdropped everyone their Mo and to thank our early supporters we created a unique 1/1 Mo for every wallet that held Mos and dropped that to them as a surprise. These 1/1 OG Mos also have a unique perk in that they allow holders to choose what artist they collect from in every cohort.

We managed to not only find amazing artists from all over the world who were enthusiastic and understood what we were doing, the legendary batsoupyum came on board to help us choose five artist spots that we were open to applications.

We then resumed minting  2.0 which is where we are now.