The Crypto Art Appreciation Society is here to elevate NFT artists and help people build amazing art collections ❤️ 


CAAS is about elevating 1/1 artists in the NFT space, and encouraging more people to become art collectors. 

We believe we can achieve that by building a strong and passionate arts-focussed community around the Crypto Mos.

 84ETH from our initial minting of 4,000 Mos will be used to fund 14 artists-in-residence with 6ETH each. This gives them security to focus on their work and create art without the expectation of having to hustle and sell it. They each produce 10 pieces that will then be made into editions and distributed to our community.

2% of all secondary sales from all these artworks will help fund ongoing cohorts of art residencies, which will be run consecutively. Each cohort runs for 10 weeks. 

Artists can also add their own royalties of up to 8% on top of this.

All secondary sales of the Mos will be used to top up this fund until it becomes self-sustaining through the secondary sales of artists-in-residence’s art.

Artists-in-residences are ongoing and we will bring on another 14 artists when this cohort is complete. And then we’ll do it all again. We plan on this being a permanent feature of what we do, and the benefit is that holding a Mo, or multiple Mos, gives you ongoing access to exclusive art from emerging artists.

We will mint out the final 6,000 Mos once the first cohort has finished. We’re doing it in stages as 4,000 is the quickest way we can start the artists in the residency and early supporters get an added benefit of more limited edition art as we are dividing art among 4,000, not 10,000. 




  • Help people build a valuable 1/1 art collections by finding, funding and supporting up-and-coming artists.
  • Elevate emerging artists from around the world in a way that they can focus on their craft, and be financially secure.
  • Educate more people about 1/1 art collecting, including its investment potential, so that more artists are supported by the NFT community.
  • Build a community that is supportive, values diversity and practices inclusion.
  • Be a legacy NFT project that everyone knows for its contribution to the arts.