New to minting? Here’s a guide.


The Crypto Mo Art Appreciation Society is a group of 10,000 art patrons looking for the best art on the blockchain. They run artists-in-residence for artists and are rewarded with original art.

We’re about community, creativity and collaboration. 


Art with heart. 🎨❤️




What is a Crypto Mo?


Crypto Mo’s are 10,000 randomly assembled art patrons of the blockchain created from over 650 trait variations making them some of the most truly unique NFT collectibles around.

Mo’s  have a variety of outfits, skin tones, tattoos, hairstyles and mos (Aussie slang for moustaches).  All Crypto Mo’s are special, and can have some very rare (and super cool) traits, but there are 10 extra special Mo’s that are the most special of all.

To make things fun, not all trait variations are fully recorded. Sunglasses (with one exception) and earrings are logged as their trait type, but not their specific style variation.

So your Mo is likely even more unique than recorded.




Join other art lovers and patrons to form a collaborative and friendly society that puts the art in heart.


Art will be limited in availability to specific Mo skin tones or Mo numbers, so if you want access to all art collect more Mo’s. 

🏆 WIN 1/1 ART

Take part in the community to earn rewards and prizes, including 1/1 art.


We’ll use 10% of funds made from primary sales to set up Crypto Mo Artist-in-residence program where we will fund artists to create exclusive art for our community. All art created through the program will return 2% royalties back to the Crypto Mo Art Residence program and 4% to the artists, to create an ongoing sustainable system that we can offer to more artists over time. We’ll make sure that women artists are supported as equally as men.


All Mo’s are rare, but some are extra special. Certain traits which will be revealed later unlock things like access to whitelisting on partner releases and access to 1/1 art.


How can I buy a Crypto Mo?

If you’re new to NFTs, hhere are some steps on what you need to do to get your Crypto Mo NFT.

1. Download the extension on your browser
2. Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges
3. Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
4. Go to the minting site and select the number of NFTs you wish to purchase (up to 25)
5. Click “connect” button, Metamask will popup asking for connection
6. Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
7. Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear on the minting page, in your wallet and on OpenSea.

Please also refer to a more detailed document here.

What artists will you work with?

Our artists-in-residence will be tightly curated to be a group of emerging NFT artists who we believe will likely become successful names in the NFT space. By being an early collector you become a benefactor to their success. The fact that these artists will have their work collected by people in the community means that their work immediately becomes more ‘collectable’. Both collectors and artists benefit.

How will you create value for our Crypto Mo holders?

We’ve built a number of mechanisms into the Mo roadmap, as well as into the Crypto Mo art itself to make sure we deliver ongoing value to our Mo holders. Value will be created through:

  • One of the biggest trait tables (650+) ensuring all Mo’s have incredibly valuable rarity metadata
  • Access to mint a Crypto Mona, which will have their own utility 
  • 10 one-on-one Crypto Mo’s, plus 8 super-rares and other rate traits that unlock extra perks
  • Ongoing access to art by emerging NFT artists
  • Art events – online and in real-life
  • Resources for artists and collectors in the space

Artists within our community are also given the chance to highlight and share their work to our community of collectors and art lovers. 

We’re here to play a long game and we will continually be looking for ways to support artists in a way that returns ongoing value to our Mo holders, the art patrons of the blockchain.

What rights do I have in owning a Crypto Mo?


You own all the rights to your Mo for as long as you own it. We retain the right to use Mo images for marketing purposes. 

What about the team?


We are an experienced and passionate team with a background in technology and the arts. We have the experience to continually deliver on the project and will hire into the team if needed. We believe we NFTs afford us a very special opportunity to reward creative workers and artists – and we want too make sure they are elevated as the space grows.

Crypto Bro (she/her)

Bro is our Chief Mo. She is a painter and writer, as well as a digital artist. She has been the on the founding team of a number of successful tech startups. She also has worked at a senior level in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Find her on twitter here 

Matt Mo

Matt is our community manager. He’s a poet and has taught creative writing at university. He’s also passionate about artists making a living from their creative pursuits. He knows how to build strong communities around a cause. You can find him on Twitter here

Mick Mo

Mick Mo is our marketing assistant. He’s passionate about supporting indy artists and equality. He’s also a writer. You can find him on Twitter here